panzo-ya shockwave player Ver. for win Download

Click the button below to download the latest version of Panzoya shockwave player.

Download the latest version

After extracting the zipped file, you can use it by executing "PanzoSHOCK.exe" without installing it.
It is a standalone application, not a browser plugin.

Release notes

2020/05/15 panzo-ya shockwave player Ver0.9.2.0 for win リリース
2019/05/28 panzo-ya shockwave player Ver0.9.0.0 for win リリース


how to use

●I'm sorry. This application is only available in Japanese.
●You can move by dragging the upper part of the screen.
●The game screen will be displayed in the center, so it's better to move it to the edge.
●If the display resolution is too high, the game screen will be smaller. Please adjust the resolution and magnification.